Unbelievably reliable and an absolute pleasure to work with.  This review is overdue on my part, but BEL Events handled my wedding back in February, and Morgan Harris and her team were phenomenal.  

First off they were very easy to work with and helped us to find many of our vendors.  We had a wedding that was equal parts traditional US wedding and Pakistani wedding.  We tried to make sure to incorporate enough aspects from both cultures and backgrounds so that everyone who attended was impressed with the ceremony and planning and that no one felt they were forgotten or left out.  This took a lot of work and Morgan and her team were complete professionals, as well as very kind and easy to work with.

Then, on the day of the event – our expectations were vastly exceeded.   My wife and I had planned every last detail and BEL Events made everything look and feel exactly the way we had asked.  Additionally her team was on point all evening to help get my wife anything she needed (she was sick, and there always seemed to be a person asking if she needed halls, tea, etc).

Every time we had to adjust the schedule because something took longer than expected (as they all do – although they really worked hard to keep it as on time as humanly possible) they were on their ear pieces and walkie talkies escorting us around like we were the president.  It was amazing and everything seemed absolutely seamless to our guests.

I wasnt sure how much we needed a coordinator at the start.  I knew we would need one for the day of, but wasnt sure if we needed one for all of the planning… but WOW was I wrong.  They helped us locate vendors, come up with ideas, find logistical ways to make our imaginations into realities.  I could not say more about this team.  They are more than worth the cost.  Thanks again.


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