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About BEL

BEL Event Productions (BEL) is a certified full-service event production company, specializing in event planning, management, and execution.

With over 20 years of combined experience we deliver an event that is unBELievable.

Our methodology is centered on collaboration between our vendors, clients and team resulting in successfully bringing to life the event you’re envisioning.

Our expertise allows us to provide streamlined action plans with deliverables, budgets and special requests considered and stylishly executed.

We BELive every event is an opportunity to enhance your brand or create a lifetime memory – and we are honored to be included in that process.

Meet Our Team

Eliza Ansari


For approximately 20 years, I have been an event planning specialist producing exclusive events, holiday parties, and family gatherings. I began my journey with BEL 4-5 years ago where I gained experience planning large weddings and corporate events. I am very passionate about providing quality products and superior service to my clients.

My job as a CEO of the company is to make sure that we serve every single client to the best of our ability while bringing their dream and vision into a reality. My hastage says it all – #continuousimprovement – ps. you may see me dressed in a business suit with high heeled shoes on and my makeup done but, you would never know that I am happiest while wearing hiking gear and backpacking in the mountains.

Atrina Mirza

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

I have been producing event magic for over 7 years. It’s a magical and intense industry and these 7 years have been the most exciting for me. My passion comes from TRUST. The amount of trust my 250 clients annually have in BEL is incredible. It is truly a blessing to have all our clients put their trust in us to produce their events from A -Z. I constantly have to work with logistics. Any aspect of an event that has to be worked on, Diagrams, timelines, various vendors problems and solutions. I am an expert on orchestrating 40 moving parts seamlessly.


I am very honestly with my clients on what the outcome of each event will be and look like. My clients appreciate the honesty and thank me for being realistic. My hastag sums it all up… #workhardplayhard – ps.When I am not answering 40 emails, taking 30 calls and visiting with 20 clients. My happiest moments are spend with my #1 Fan. My husband and biggest supported. I day dream all day and all night and the next best vacation. I make sure to see my best friends I have had since elementary school on a monthly basis and never fail to enjoy a nice martini at home.

Oscar Gomez

Vice President of Operations

I have worked in the event planning industry as an Operations Manager for over 13 years. I have seen the good, the bad and the not so pretty but through it all I have seen success and satisfaction in our clients eyes.

Providing the sest service and ensuring that our clients are always satisfied with our work is what gives me the energy get the work done. What makes us successful is the team, knowing how to handle and execute last minute orders its what keeps our energy high.

My hastage says it all – #nopainnogain – ps. I have a Siberian husky named Diamond and a German Shepherd named Dominic.

Manali Parikh

Corporate Event Producer

Does the Annual Parikh Family Christmas Morning Show count? If so, 21 years AND COUNTING… If we’re not counting this grand production, I started planning exclusive events in the Jewelry Industry while finishing up my last year of college and slowly moved into Corporate Meeting Planning a few years later. That puts me at a total of 5 action packed years!

Creating memorable experiences for audiences while generating results ignites my passion for events. Working with different clients and personalities has groomed me to be extremely proactive. I take initiative by anticipating event needs and recognizing challenges to eliminate roadblocks before they occur. This allows my clients and their attendees to enjoy a smooth and seamless event. My clients applaud me on my attention to detail in regards to budget management.

I treat my client’s budget as if it were my own money. This mindset helps me aggressively negotiate vendors and concessions during the planning process. Clients are wowed when they see cost savings post-event. My hastag sums it all up… #whatatimetobealive – ps. I am a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Beena Patel

Corporate Event Producer

I started my career in 2003 working for a public REIT, and transitioned into working for a fortune 500 global automaker doing events for our clients all over the country. The key to my success was paying close attention to detail, understanding the needs of each and every client, negotiate with different parties for the best interest of my clients, and most of all, have fun doing it.

As the years went on and given the experience I had gained in the corporate world, I decided it was best to start something on my own in 2014. I started by doing events for Non-profit organizations, and that is where my passion really bloomed. Now I have the pleasure of working with some of the best in the industry, and I am able to share my knowledge with amazing corporate and non-profit clients. I’m looking forward to where this journey takes me, and know I’ll enjoy every moment of it!

Lindsey Shigenaga

Front Office Manager

I’ve been producing events since I was 15. High school events, family parties, vacations, you name it! My friends used to (and still do) joke with me about my Type A personality and my insistence on making spread sheets for almost every trip or event we have. Today I’m still planning and producing events, but on a much larger scale!

I love working behind the scenes; always have and always will. It’s very rewarding to see the hard work of your team come to fruition and the satisfaction it brings to each client as they seen their dream become a reality. Fact: “Everything that can go wrong at an event will go wrong.” This has stuck with me ever since I first heard it from a professor during my third year at CSUF and I remind myself of it EVERY day. To be successful you have to think two or three steps ahead of yourself, your team, and your client and THAT is what makes BEL Events the team to work with.

We always look ahead to the potential problems or obstacles and discuss solutions for them. My ability to stay calm and composed is a part of what makes me so successful. Events can be very stressful – a first birthday party, company holiday party, group seminars, weddings, etc. I think it’s very important to be calm and composed. My hastag sums it all up… #Shenanigans – ps. I love traveling, sharing new experiences with friends, and experimenting in the kitchen.

Dana Erickson

Senior Event Producer

Three years ago, I transitioned from pursuing a career in performance and stage production to event production- it was the dream job I never knew I wanted! Now I cannot imagine a more exciting or rewarding career! I am passionate about people! I strive to go the extra mile and truly care about the vision.

I love having an instrumental part in the planning and designing of the events with my clients, then watching as all details come together. Clients come to BEL to “marry” their budget and expectations. We always do our due diligence to seek out the best of the industry and ultimately produce events that both reflects the client’s value in the products and service and exceeds their expectations.

My attention to detail and customer service, as well as my knowledge in design and event logistics has helped shape me into the coordinatior I am. I know that the success lies in the details and diligent preperation. My hastag sums it all up… #hellosunshine – ps. Donuts are my weakness.

Morgan Harris

Senior Event Producer

I have been producing events with BEL for 2 years now and I have loved every minute of being in this exciting and fast paced industry. My passion stems from making dreams a reality in the event world. I love taking my client’s vision to the next level through flawless execution.

A reoccurring theme I have identified overtime is that my clients have several great ideas that do not mesh well initially. My jobs is to bring these varying ideas together cohesively to make the client’s vision attainable.

Mantra I live by: “Cool to be Kind.” Many of my clients applaud me on my personality and demeanor when interacting with guests and other professionals. My hastag sums it all up… #sparkleprincess – ps. I love to dance! I was a dancer for 18 years and coached my old high school team for 2 years. While I am no longer a competitive dancer, you can find me at The Ranch every Thursday night line dancing!

Arika Johnson

Associate Event Coordinator

Event planning has been a part of my life since I was 15. I would help my mom’s freelance event planning business where we would execute 3-5 weddings each year. This hands on learning is how pushed me to my next moves of specializing in wedding décor, florals and design. I eventually joined the BEL family in January of 2016.

This past year with BEL has allowed me to become more skilled with the logistical piece of events. ​I am most passionate about the overall design aesthetics of events. In other words, I love the process of planning the layout, décor, and florals of each event. I also care a lot about making sure every detail counts when it comes to the set-up of each event. Several clients have, either too many ideas or none at all!

I get energy from working with these clients, learning their likes and dislikes, and creating a beautiful event for them. Clients appreciate my expertise in florals and design. They also appreciate my hospitality at events. I take into account every complaint or need that is brought to my attention by either the clients or guests and do my best to resolve any issues in a timely manner. My hastag sums it all up… #adventurous – ps. I may be THE tallest female event coordinator out there, standing at 6’1”.

Sharlene Ocampo

Associate Event Coordinator

My passion for event planning began in high school, from coordinating Winter Formals to Prom. Since then, I have had a clear vision of my end goal: land a dream job in the event planning industry. From my initial small steps through my internship with BEL I have been able to grow my skills and become a full time planner for the company of my dreams!

My passion stems from creating everlasting memories. It is most rewarding to be able to put a smile on someone’s face through the hard work I have coordinated for them. My clients find value in my solution oriented mindset. I am quick at thinking on my feet and rarely ever come across an issue that I cannot resolve.

One thing clients applaud me on is that I’m always working with a smile on my face. My hastag sums it all up… #dreambig – ps. I may be small, standing at only 4’10”, but I have a big heart and am full of ambition!

Shima Larijani

Associate Event Coordinator

I started with small and private events in 2006, shortly after I started planning and coordinating more formal events such as weddings and engagement parties. I have a passion for ​creating a master piece event for my clients and seeing the result at the end of it is very gratifying. My passion started in college as I got my bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and working in the field for about 8 years.

The skills that I have acquired in interior design, I have learned to be creative while still being open to new ideas. As a result, I consider myself an expert in color coordination and décor. I have always been passionate about understanding and overcoming challenges. I moved from a different country by myself at the age of 18 and supported myself while going to school.

Going through these struggles has given me the opportunity to grow and overcome all types of challenges. My hastage says it all – #makeithappen – ps. In my spare time I like to go to the gym, paint, play with my kids and make a mess out of the house and have dance parties with our kids.